Wex Gunworks

is a retail firearms, ammunition, firearms accessory business in downtown Delray Beach for approximately 10 years.

Guns are a means of self-protection and recreational target practice. Our retail firearms store, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, offers nearly 500 firearms, from semi-automatic and revolver handguns to assault rifles, shotguns and bolt action long guns. We offer our clients other items such as ammunition, firearm accessories and a full-time certified gunsmith who repairs and customizes all types of firearms. Additionally, our store retails and purchases from our clients a wide variety of pre-owned guns.

Not everyone is familiar on the proper gun usage from basic firearms training to tactical firearms training — so we offer training classes by certified firearm specialists who were previously military and law enforcement officers. Additionally, it requires training to secure a concealed weapons license so we also offer concealed carry weapons license classes.