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Concealed Carry Classes & Confidential Lessons


From first shot to experienced shooters WEX Gunworks has the trainers to take you to the next level. Not everyone is familiar on the proper gun usage from basic firearms training to tactical firearms training — so we offer training classes by certified firearm specialists who were previously military and law enforcement officers. Additionally, it requires training to secure a concealed weapons license so we also offer concealed carry weapons license classes and Ladies Only courses with a female firearms instructor. 
Concealed Carry Courses on an as needed basis.
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CCW Woman 

Firearms training by women for women. 


Ladies Only CCW Course - CCW Woman
Get your concealed carry certificate required to obtain your Concealed Carry Weapons License. This 1 day class includes 3 hours of classroom education followed by shooting and qualifying at a range.

Range appropriate clothing with closed toed shoes
Baseball cap - CCW Woman Baseball cap available for purchase
1 Box Ammunition 50 rounds
Eye and Ear Protection 
Range Fee Approximately $20.00

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of handling and operating a firearm.
This course exceeds the state requirements for obtaining a concealed carry license. Upon completion a certification will be provided along with the state application, fingerprint card and instructions. 

Ladies Only Private Lessons- CCW Woman

CCW Woman will take you from first shot to comfortably carrying concealed. Learn how to safely operate a firearm, how to choose the right firearm for your personal needs & lifestyle, how to conceal your firearm safely, properly and fashionalbly. No one has to know you carry except the criminal you defend yourself from.

CCW Woman....Dignity Defends You       TM





Self defense is a right not a privilege. How you choose to answer the challenge will determine if you are among the survivors or a nameless, faceless victim of an attack. In any random act of violence there are no rules, only deadly consequences. You have to be prepared to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to get the job done. We teach no holds barred straight from the hip tactics and strategy of the physical and emotional knowledge necessary to help escape with your life-and-freedom intact.

Our goal is to provide you with a world class formula for self defense. We are a no nonsense organization dedicated to teaching realistic self defense giving you the knowledge you need to live your life with awareness and confidence.

Progressive Self Defense Systems (PSDS) is simulation training that prepares anyone for any future confrontation through experiential learning.



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