About Us

Wex Gunworks

WEX Gunworks is a FFL Firearms Dealer, Class 3 NFA Dealer, Glock Blue Label Dealer, Ammo & Firearms accessories retail store in Delray Beach, Florida. WEX Gunworks is Firefighter Owned and have been in the Firearms business since 1979.

Our store front offers nearly 500 Firearms & Class 3/NFA items in stock and thousands more online, from semi-automatic and revolver handguns to rifles, shotguns, bolt action long guns, suppressors and so much more. We offer the convenience of submitting your paperwork and fingerprints electronically through the use of our Silencer Shop Kiosk to ensure the process of purchasing Class 3/NFA items is as smooth as possible.

We offer our clients other items such as ammunition, firearm accessories and a full-time certified gunsmith who repairs and customizes all types of firearms. Additionally, we purchase from our clients a wide variety of pre-owned guns.

Not everyone is familiar on the proper gun usage from basic firearms training to tactical firearms training — so we offer training classes by certified firearm specialists who were previously military and law enforcement officers. Additionally, it requires training to secure a concealed weapons license so we also offer concealed carry weapons license classes.

Stop in today and experience integrity and superior customer service, at WEX Gunworks our clients often become our friends.